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Remember Fukushima No to Nuclear Power 9th March - Report

To mark the anniversary of the triple disasters in Japan two years ago (The earthquake, tsunami, and ongoing nuclear accident), and especially to speak out against nuclear power; JAN UK held three events in London, in international solidarity with friends in Japan and other countries.

JAN UK's Speech Outside of Japanese Embassy London

Remember Fukushima No to Nuclear Power March to Barclay Square

Press Association footage Published on Mar 10, 2013

Remember Fukushima 2013 march on London parLIARment (by Morgan and Carl)

Remember Fukushima No to Nuclear Power March to Tepco

Fukushima evacuee Gavin Allwright speechs outside Tepco

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Photo credit: Mark Rusell

Media Coverage in Japan and the UK

Anti-Nuclear World Solidarity Protest on the Second Anniversary of Fukushima

start from 09:40

ANN, TBS, NHK BS1, JNN, France2

Anti Nuclear demonstration in London

NNN News24

Remember Fukushima - No to Nuclear Power! |

Mac Urata

Japanese lead London Nuclear Power Protest |

Peter Marshal

Anti-nuclear protesters march through London to Parliament |

Paul Davey

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Photo credit: Mark Rusell Japanese Against Nuclear and Kick Nuclear for the wonderful March on 9th! 'Inspiration not radiation' - marvellous - all the way throughout the March there was a hope, was a energy, was a force for the Future covering over the thoughts of despair and anxiety that has been with many people, all over the World since 11.03.11.

Japanese families and children in the Fukushima area can't grow crops, can't drink the water, can't eat fish, can't go outside NOW!

The World Health Organisation has to get together with the IAEA Association - who are in charge of health globally - and should realise that radiation was carried in the wind and falling rain from the three melted-down nuclear reactors on Japan's Pacific Ocean. Damage has and is being done to our World as a result .......will we wipe ourselves off the Planet?

At our 'Remember Fukushima' meeting it was good to learn that Germany: Italy: Switzerland: Belgium: Spain: Sweden: Ireland: and France are moving away from Nuclear Power to renewables, PV tiles, solar thermal, tidal power, wind, and sustainable energy.

Laminated pictures, drawn by Japanese children still in the Fukushima area, were brought to the meeting, to show us how many children had been affected by high radiation in the three Nuclear meltdowns on 11.03.11.

The Children of Fukushima and their families have to live in a highly radiated area, with all these difficulties, because of the lack of money in the Japanese 'Reconstruction Fund.' No jobs.... money to move from the area............

Margaret Toomey
member of Green Party
member of CND

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Photo credit: Margaret Toomey